Red Lantern Shower Scene Kicks Off More November #3 DC Covers (Let's Drop All The Covers Here)

See I was going to start this with the cover to Action Comics #3, which I don't think DC Comics have released. But they may have. Anyway something told me you were probably going to want to talk and tweet about the cover of Red Lanterns #3 first…

Okay, now on with the covers that don't have a young woman suggestively rubbing blood into her breasts. (UPDATE: Yeah, let's just drop them all here)… Detective Comics, Batgirl, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Batwing, Batwoman, Batman And Robin, Batwing, Nightwing, Birds Of Prey, Dark Knight, Deathstroke, Grifter, Frankenstein, I, Vampire, Supeman, Animal Man, Stormwatch, Hawk And Dove, New Guardians, Resurrection Man, Stormwatch, Legion Of Superheroes, All Star Western, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Men Of War, Blackhawks, Legion Lost, Teen Titans, Swamp Thing, OMAC, Demon Knights, Action Comics and the Stormwatch #1 cover… no sign of Superboy or Green Lantern Corps yet?

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