London Rioters Burn Down Stock Centre Of Several Independent Film Distributors – UPDATED x 5

The stockpile of several small and independent DVD and Blu-ray labels appears to have been burned down by the mobs of looting and rioting crooks in London. Here’s the BBC’s footage of what is said to be the Sony DADC and PIAS warehouse and distribution centre in flames.


Amongst the DVD labels who had their stock on the premises are Dogwoof Films, Pecadillo Pictures, Terracotta, and Guerilla. At the moment, there’s some confusion on Twitter as to how extensive the damage is, but it would seem that these small labels have been hit severely.

Here are some tweets from the affected:

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UPDATE: And we can sadly add Arrow Films, one of Bleeding Cool’s favourite distributors to the list. They held all of their stock in this centre.

SECOND UPDATE: And Metrodome, Revolver and Kaleidoscope. They too lost stock as a result of this arson.

THIRD UPDATE: And now Network are revealed to have lost stock too. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

FOURTH UPDATE: All Warp DVD stock and BFI DVD and Blu-ray stock was also in the warehouse.

FIFTH UPDATE: We can sadly add Crabtree films, Artificial Eye and Exposure Cinema to the list of those to lose their stock.

This could be a real disaster for film lovers and even film makers, not to mention the various business people trying to survive in an increasingly difficult DVD marketplace.

Recent films of note from these labels include Johnnie To’s Sparrow and the Oscar nominated Restrepo, while Peccadillo are preparing to release a remastered DVD and Blu-ray of Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures.

The same distribution centre is used by a staggering number of independent record labels who will face at least the same hardship as the DVD and Blu-ray distributors.

While businesses, livelihoods and countless discs may have fallen foul of the fire, we should at least be thankful that nobody was actually hurt in this particular incident.

UPDATE: And you can do something to help. I’ve been compiling links by which you can purchase films from the affected distributors via download. Treat yourself to a film and help them keep healthy.