Leandro Fernandez Off Hit Girl

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It was only weeks ago that I talked to friends of Leandro Fernandez who told me he was still working on Mark Millar’s upcoming Hit Girl series.

Well, today Mark Millar has announced that Fernandrez no longer drawing the book and that John Romita Jr, artist on Kick Ass and Kick Ass 2 is coming on board the spinoff series instead. And stepping up the schedule

Millar explains “when it came to the crunch it was hard to have anyone draw a creator-owned book who wasn’t one of the original creators. It’s like someone other than me writing Kick-Ass. It just wouldn’t have seemed right.”

What happens to however much Leandro has drawn, is not touched upon.

Millar also laid out the rest of the series, stating on his boards that “All Kick-Ass arcs are eight issues long, the Hit-Girl arcs punctuating with six issue arcs. Three Kick-Ass and 2 Hit-Girl volumes planned in total.”

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