Karen Gillan Confirms Definitively If She’s Coming Back For Next Year’s Doctor Who Or Not

I’ve been heartened by the response to Doctor Who at this year’s Comic-Con, with multiple crammed panels, including a Hall H session that was bursting at the seams. Between these bigger engagements, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and co. have caught a few moments with the press. It’s from one of these tiny, short bursts of facetime with a journo that a huge bombshell has emerged.

I’m going to treat this like a spoiler because plenty of you won’t want to know the answer yet. Click away now if you’re worried, because I’m about to reveal whether or not Karen Gillan is going to return for more, as-yet unfilmed episodes Doctor Who.

Speculation has been rife that she won’t be back.

But forget rife – was this speculation also accurate?

And there you have it, direct from Ms. Gillan:

I am going to come back, yes. That’s the first time I said that… you have an exclusive.

I hope she doesn’t get in trouble with the show’s producers for spilling that. Whoever the producers are these days – they seem to be regenerating more often than the Timelord himself.