Star Wars Comic-Con Bits And Pieces

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There’s an awful lot of Star Wars at Comic-Con, much of it in the shape of cosplayers (or rather shapes, plural, because I’ve seen a dazzling variety, from bean pole to pear).

Some of the Star Wars around here, though, actually is sanctioned, George Lucas-spawned stuff. For example, tonight saw the premiere of some deleted scenes from the original trilogy that are going to be included on the upcoming Blu-ray set. Well… I say scenes. Snippets. We’ll have to buy the box set to see the sequences intact.

The video shown at Con has now been released and a few folks have uploaded it to YouTube. Here’s David Poland’s copy.

Will these scenes be remastered and polished up for the Blu-ray? I’d guess not – why would they show us a scratchy version if so? – but I’m hoping anyway, likely in vain. Not that I wouldn’t eat them up with a spoon even in their scratchy ill-health.

The Kinect Star Wars game is playable on the floor, and I had a little mess around with it. By moving my arms around I was manipulating objects with the force. It felt more like a tech demo than a game, however, and you’ll never find me waiting to play it again.

Also on the show floor is a demo booth for the upcoming Blu-rays. Stepping inside a small room with a couple of in-costume actors, a few con attendees at a time can see a sort-of mini theatrical piece devised, really, to show off some material from the discs. Unfortunately, there’s hardly a sustained sequence to be had, and so much faux-interference, static and white noise mixed in that the most representative material to be found only ever lasted a second or three. Kudos to the actors for their absurd commitment to the job, however.

Luckily, screens on the outer wall of this room were decked out with HD TVS playing clips from the films in their new Blu-ray incarnation. The first time I stopped by it was all “new trilogy” for several minutes, and that looked just as I remembered it, really: like boiled sweets in polished glass jars. The footage is too new for there to be many surprises.

I waited these clips out, however, and was then finally treated to some of the “original” stuff.

And, my lord, did it look good. It looked really good. I had no idea how persuasive the lighting in the original Star Wars was, but in most of the shots I saw, it was doing a great job of pulling me in.

Long story short: I can’t wait to get my hands on the boxset.

It seems like Star Wars deserves a special place at Comic-Con, in a similar way to how Joss Whedon and Harry Knowles will probably end up with statues in their honour errected on the roof of The Marriot. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see it feature more in my remaining three and a half days in San Diego.

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