Live From Robert Rodriguez’ Quick Draw Productions Panel – Machete Sequels, Sin City 2 In 3D, Heavy Metal, Frank Frazetta Films And TV

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Robert Rodriguez began his panel at Comic-Con with “Check your watches because in 30 minutes, you won’t believe what I have shown you” and gone on to explain how he has been keeping secrets for months to unveil today.

I will be updating live which secrets he reports, a series of projects he’s calling “artist led.”

He’s just told us that Machete has had two sequels green lit, Machete Kills and Machete Kills again. The third film may be no more than a trailer before the second, however – but it will be a space opera with a machete shaped light sabre. If Kills is a hit, though, then Kills Again will become feature length.

Rodriguez says that they are going “straight into” production on Machete Kills.

Sin City 2 has a chapter in it called The Long Bad Night, written by Frank Miller just for his screenplay. Rodriguez suggest the film could be shot this year, and that we’re the closest he’s been to making the film. He’s now just followed up with “If it’s going to happen, it will happen this year.” And he’s going to do it in 3D because he’s got an idea for 3D that he says he hasn’t seen before.

Rodriguez has just talked about his “great relationship” with The Weinsteins in the past tense.

Rodriguez has licensed Heavy Metal and is going to turn it into a feature film.

Kevin Eastman is here to discuss it. Fincher’s plan to make the movie is dead, apparently as a result of a lapsed option.

The idea is, currently, to structure Heavy Metal as three short stories and a wrap sequence. Rodriguez says that this is still pretty open, though.

Rodriguez has announced that he’s going to set up a website where fans can submit ideas for a Heavy Metal chapter and one of these people will be selected and they’ll get to make a chapter in the film. One of the directors on the film could be sitting in the audience of Hall H right now.

To contribute, start at

The current announcement revolves around “creative technology” from AMD. They’re calling it “vision technology” and describing it as artist-centric.

Another announcement is for a “massive project” with a lot of components – Rodriguez lists them as films, TV and “interactive publishing.”

Frazetta passed away last year. Rodriguez was joined on stage by his son Billy and they reminisced a little. For some of the audience, this appeared to be a rather moving moment.

Rodriguez is promising to re-open the Frazetta gallery, a museum in Austin that they want to have running by SXSW. It’s going to offer “the Frank Frazetta experience” and visitors will feel that they are “walking inside one of his paintings.”

If you e-mail you can book a slot to visit the gallery tomorrow. Spaces will be limited, so move fast. And tell them who sent you.

Rodriguez has now announced two specific feature films, which he intends to make in the style of Sin City and convince us that “Frazetta himself had directed them”. The first will be Fire & Ice, then Deathdealer will follow.

We were shown lots and lots of concept art by three artists who are starting to visualise extra characters, scenes and locations in the Frazetta style. It’s all quite persuasive.

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