Will It Be Conflict Thursday At San Diego Comic Con?

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There are the panels where everything is planned. Where a list of announcements, and discussions are scheduled. There may be a few questions and answers at the end, but you pretty know how it’s going to go, and you can be sure of an audience that won’t turn on you either. This is Comic Con after all.

And then there are the panels that you just know will be talked about in legendary tones for years to come for the reasons the organisers did not intend. We don’t know which those will be but here is our best guess.

Oh, You Sexy Geek!— 10:45-11:45 Room 6A

There’s been a fair bit of conflict across the blogosphere of late over what it means to be a female geek – and if that nomenclature is even welcome. Bleeding Cool got quite involved ourselves courtesy of one Kate Kotler of Geek Girl On The Street. She’s not on the panel but Katrina Hill (ActionFlickChick.com), Bonnie Burton (Grrl.com), Adrianne Curry (America’s Next Top Model), Clare Grant (Team Unicorn, “G33k & G4m3r Girls”), Kiala Kazebee (Nerdist.com), Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Nerdy Bird – Jill Pantozzi (“Has Boobs, Reads Comics”), Jennifer K. Stuller (Ink-Stained Amazons, GeekGirlCon) and Chris Gore (G4TV’s Attack of the Show!) are. So it should be a… robust panel. And hopefully not too many Todds leery from the site mumbling “cat fight!”

DC Comics – The New 52— 2:00-3:00 Room 6DE

The first of the DC panels on the Relaunch happening in September. Dan DiDio is always a controversial and entertaining figure at these shows, but this year there may well be a protst from fans of the non-relaunched DC Universe, showing up in costume (no collars), with placards and chanting. Will Dan be able to make himself heard? Will Eddie Berganza and Bob Harras bring placards of their own? Will there be a fan counter protest? This is where it starts…

First Comics: The First of the Great Independents Is Back with a Fury!—5:00-6:00. Room 23ABC

The attendees of this panel to relaunch First Comics are Ken F. Levin,  Joe Staton, Nick Cuti, Bill Willingham, Max Allan Collins, Brian Mullens, Alex Wald, Susannah Carson, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Larry Young.

Notably absent is Mike Gold, co-founder of First Comics with Ken Levin who, I understand, discovered that First Comics was being relaunched when he read the San Diego Comic Con Panel list. And although he’d been in contact with Ken Levin in the last couple of weeks, not only was this never mentioned, but now the panel has been announced, Ken isn’t talking to Mike.

Mike Gold won’t be at San Diego Comic Con. It is likely however that some of his friends will be there. WIth questions.

Shocker Toys: The Real Scoop –  6:30-7:30 Room 24ABC

One of the more controversial members of the comics community Geoff Beckett of Shocker Toys has a reputation of being rather angry with people who ask where the toys they paid for are. As a company, they are famed for not delivering what they promised, and even though their performance appears to have improved of late. But Geoff has never done himself any favours by responding in a personally aggrieved, combative and insulting fashion. People have promised to turn up itching for a fight. Whether they actually will or not is another story.

Add to these, the Twilight panel in Hall H, with people queuing through the night and annoying the Stormtroopers), Grant Morrison’s panel (where you know he’ll say something that will grab all known headlines), Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane and Yoshiki debuting their comic book that none of them seem to have had anything to do with, and Robert Kirkman announcing the death of Marvel and DC at his Skybound panel, something’s got to give. Watch out for people armed with pens this year, okay?

Thank goodness for the Sergio Aragoes and Mark Evanier panel to bring us all back down to Earth…

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