Roger Robinson Dropped From The DC Relaunch

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We chastised ourselves at Bleeding Cool Towers for predicting that Chris Batista would be drawing an upcoming Legion book in the DC Relaunch. When DC announced two Legion books in September, we thought our streak of predicting DC books and creators had come to an end.

Then DC announced a third Legion book for October, Legion: Secret Origin #1, a six issue mini-series by Paul Levitz and Chris Batista and all was well with the world. And they confirmed our report from six weeks ago of a My Greatest Adventure #1 six issue mini series in October too.

But what about issue two changes across the rest of the 52 relaunch books? We already saw how Marco Rudy and Ken Lashley were stepping back already. How about the rest?

Roger Robinson is probably the biggest casualty, dropped off pencilling Mister Terrific #2 and replaced by Gianluca Gugliotta. There have been several inking changes too with the busy-on-other-books Norm Rapmund on Green Arrow #1 replaced by George Perez on #2, the left-to-focus-on-Batman Jonathan Glapion and LeBeau Underwood replaced by Andy Owens on Static Shock #2 and Green Lantern: New Guardians #2 and Animal Man #2 losing Harvey Talibao and Dan Green respectively.

Only the Superman titles for October yet to come… it looks like DC is really living up to its commitment on keeping those books on time.

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