First Footage From Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion Is A Call To Arms

Those Entertainment Tonight scallywags. Can’t they shut up for just thirty seconds? And the way they preview the movie previews they’re going to feature, ripping out just a few shots and dangling them. Cruel teasery.

Though, truth be told, the “CAN’T WAIT” centre of my brain actually thanks them for it, especially if it brings the goods to store a day or two ahead of schedule. For example, here’s an early clip from tonight’s full clips from the first trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, shot from the screen instead of being captured properly. And I just had to watch it. Could not resist. And when it was done, I watched it again.

You may be like me. If so, knock yourself out.


What is happening to Gwyneth? Can’t wait to see for myself.

Thanks to Little Bleeder Scott for the video.

And here’s the “call to arms” bit. The entire ET edit of the trailer is going to be on the show tonight. Surely one of you can watch it and upload it, and not have to camcorder it from the screen? Please?