Lee Bermejo Vs Lex Luthor’s Lies

"From The Joker hardcover"

Bleeding Cool understands that creator Lee Bermejo has called for the latest Italian print run of the recent Lex Luthor: Man of Steel collection to be withdrawn from sale.

He told Comicus that he wrote a biography for himself for The Joker that quoted Daniel Day Lewis in the movie There Will Be Blood, in which the character reveals a little of himself to his pseudo-brother.

But more recently however, Lee Bermejo found himself signing a copy of a new Italian edition of the Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel trade paperback he’d drawn from Planeta DeAgostini, to discover that this biography had been used in this volume and mistranslated to give the impression that he hated Italians and wanted to leave Italy.

Indeed if anything the meaning is that he’d love to stay in Italy away from work, specifically for DC Comics in America.

Lee Bermejo has lived in Italy for eight years and is married to an Italian woman. You can see how a mistranslation may have caused him upset…

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