Superman Is Headed Home, To The City And To iHop

If I had a site called The Superman Homepage I imagine I’d spend five hours a day sifting through Google News Alerts for terms like “Man of Steel”, “mild mannered reporter” and “underpants on the outside”. I think I could find it quite tiring.

But the good guys at the actual, real Superman Homepage seem to have the stamina required, and I love them for it.

And they’ve got a nice network of sleuths too. This week alone they’ve run images of what appear to be two key sets from the upcoming Man of Steela city street and the Kent farm. Here’s a few samples.

And, at the same time, they’ve shared a most odd little newslet, something tiny and – out of context – pleasingly goofy:

…a scene in the new movie will supposedly show Superman flying through an iHop sign. The purpose built sign was constructed in South Carolina and is due to be shipped out to Illinois on July 15.

There’s no hole in the iHop sign, so I don’t imagine he would mean to fly through it. Unless he’s turning into a vandal… I mean, this movie was written by David Goyer, after all, and isn’t he intent on turning Superman into some kind of gay, disabled, baby-eating communist or something?

Man of Steel starts shooting soon for a release in 2012. My newly reinvigorated interest in Zack Snyder is twitching, and Goyer’s apparent willingness to re-work Superman’s ideology is making me curious too.