DC Starts Casino Chip Scavenger Hunt At San Diego

These Wayne Casino chips from the Flashpoint crossover will be given away by DC Comics at San Diego Comic Con, colour coded for different days…

Expect the white chips on limited entry Preview Wednesday and the black chips for the best questions at DC panels to have some actual value outside of the show, as well as the complete sets.

Just don’t actually try to use them in casinos, okay? That never goes down well.

$1 Chips (White) – Wednesday, July 20th
$5 Chips (Red) – Thursday, July 21st
$10 Chips (Blue) – Friday, July 22nd
$25 Chips (Green) – Saturday, July 23rd
$50 Chips (Orange) – Sunday, July 24th
$100 Chips (Black) – These will be given away at DC panels throughout the convention to attendees who ask the best questions!

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