Bryan Talbot’s Expanded Digital Naked Artist

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Bryan Talbot is launching a digital version of his Naked Artist volume, a collection of anecdotes experienced and tall tales told to the comic book creator, often involving luminaries of the comic book scene. From Alan Moore to Frank Miller to Robert Crumb, they’re all in here, with illustrations from the amazing Hunt Emerson.

He tells me;

“I’d started collecting more anecdotes, just on the off-chance that it might have been worth doing a sequel, but the book was so poorly advertised thatnot many people heard of it. The stories have been integrated into the original. For a while I considered calling it The Naked Artist – Engorged!

“I think that many people who did hear of the book got totally the wrong impression of it. It’s not a book of gossip. It’s not “Comics Babylon” in that it doesn’t tell tales about private sexual relationships or tragic personal lives. It’s just a collection of the funny stories told by comic pros. When I realised how many I knew, I thought it was worth documenting them for posterity.

“After the furore around the single Dave Sim story, I felt I had to add a paragraph or so to redress the balance”.

Which he does. You can see that and download the whole book for a very reasonable sum indeed, right here. And so here, for Bleeding Cool readers, is a new story for the expanded volume, about the legends Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely… and Robbie Williams


UPDATE: Bryan Talbot writes;

I’ve had Rich withdraw the Grant Morrison/Frank Quietly/Robbie Williams story after a polite email from Grant asking me to remove it. I’ve known Grant for over thirty years. In fact we published some of his first strips in Near Myths when he was seventeen. Given his carefully cultivated reputation as the bad boy of comics, I naively thought that he’d be pleased. Perhaps he’s craving respectability as he grows older, which is no bad thing. It’s also being removed from the book itself.

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