Manolis The Greek – He Reads Comics So You Don’t Have To

Manolis, Greek comic book superstar, wonders for Bleeding Cool exactly how joined up Marvel’s continuity is. From Children’s Crusade out this week, after a number of Scarlet Witch-killed people have returned, including Hawkeye and Ant Man…

While over in Marvel Zombies Supreme #5 out the very same week…

Then there was the cover to Justice Society of AMerica 80 Page Giant that seemed to  have an overly heavy logo for its size, and a rather poor reflection of the Steranko classisc.

While Paul Jenkins didn’t seem to have been told what the hell actually is going on in X-Men: Schism in his final issue of Prelude To Schism.

And in Ultimate X #5, as Bruce Banner is tracked down… is there a sneaky cameo here?

This is after all how the Fantastic Four found Namor back in the day…

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