When Is A Graphic Novel Not A Graphic Novel? When It’s A British Fantasy Award Nominee (UPDATE)

The British Fantasy Society have released the nominees for the British Fantasy Awards.

And in the BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL section we have

Clint – Mark Millar – Titan

Grandville Mon Amour – Bryan Talbot – Jonathan Cape

Neonomicon – Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows – Avatar

The Mountains of Madness – Ian Culbard – Self Made Hero

Unwritten Vols 1 & 2, The – Mike Carey & Peter Gross – Titan Books

Congrats to all, especially Ian Culbard, even though Neonomicon has only been released as four separate issues, but it was clearly written as a whole work, so that’s probably acceptable. Unwritten has been collected, if released as individual comics as well.

But Clint? Clint is an anthology comics magazine, with a number of creators from Jonathan Ross to Tommy Lee Edwards to Steve McNiven to Leinil Yu to John Romita Jr to Garth Ennis to Amanda Conner to Stewart Lee to Peter Gross, credited for The Unwritten to many more. There is no CLINT story, instead there’s Kick Ass 2, Turf, Chosen, Superior, The Pro, Who Is Jake Ellis, Nemesis and the like. There already is an anthology and magazine sections, could it not have been nominated there?

Course, if they’d gone with BEST COMIC, this wouldn’t be a problem, though either way they should have bumped the creator list up a little.

UPDATE: They have. The category listing has now been amended to BEST COMIC/GRAPHIC NOVEL. Pedants of the world, rejoice!

Oh and here’s the cover for the new Clint #9 out this week, using an aspect from the Leinil Yu variant crossover cover for Kick Ass, Nemesis and Superior.

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