Dunkin Donuts And Captain America – Could This Be The Greatest Movie Tie In TV Ad Of All Time?

I think it’s very likely, Lots of money usually changes hands in this kind of deal with both the studio and the product contributing to a joint advertising campaign that plugs the both of them. The problem is when you have such disparate products that the combined ad is usually awful, some cheesy combination of movie shots and products shots with the most tenuous link. KFC and Transformers 3, I’m looking at you.

But in this ad, contemporary but with a forties feel for the casting, music and tone, we see one ordinary Joe becoming Captain Amera, visually and incrementally, through happenstance, as he commits a heroic ad, rewarded for his efforts. It’s classy, it’s classic, it has it’s tongue ever so slightly in its cheek, but feels genuine without pouring on the cheese and right now I want a Cherry Coolatta.

And possibly to see Captain America: First Avenger. In that order.

I may also want a dog and a nailgun.

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