Osama Bin Laden Returns In October For Savage Dragon #177

This is the solicitation for Savage Dragon #177 by Erik Larsen, taken from savagedragon.com, for publication in October 2011.

Osama bin Laden is back and he’s out to destroy America!

America’s most wanted terrorist mastermind is back! Only this time he’s a giant mutated killer hellbent on destroying the land of the free! Malcolm Dragon and Battle Girl are in for the greatest fight of their lives but what chance does a couple of high school students have against America’s public enemy #1? Meanwhile, an alien invasion mounts and Savage Dragon is a million lightyears from home! Comes with our highest possible recommendation!

32 PAGES – FC – $3.50

Dragon has in the past featured Jesus, God, the Devil, Barack Obama and has Adolf Hitler as a recurring character, a disembodied brain suspended in a jar placed on top of a Gorilla’s head, controlling him, as the character BrainiApe.

So, you know, this is at least in keeping. Let’s be reminded of a previous appearance by the character in this sought-after Wondercon variant. (right)

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