Directors In Contention For Xerxes, The Sequel-Prequel To 300

Posted by June 27, 2011 Comment

Zack Snyder is not directing the 300 sequel-prequel, Xerxes, but he has co-written the screenplay, with Kurt Johnstad, basing it upon Frank Miller‘s upcoming comic. While Snyder is rather busy with Man of Steel, he has had a hand – and Deadline say a strong hand – in selecting a director for Xerxes.

The first contender is Jaume Collet-Sera who, I’d say, pretty much bungled Unknown, fudged Orphan and started his feature film career with polished, empty distractions like House of Wax and Goal 2.

The second contender is Noam Murro who made his unexpected big screen debut with Smart People, a character driven, small scale drama that seemed at odds with his expensive, flashy ad campaigns for Halo, or Toshiba’s controversial Flatline spot in which a man sees his whole life on his deathbed, and there’s a remarkable amount of photocopying involved.

Murro has also been at work developing the next Die Hard film. How this would fit around Xerxes, which is clearly in something of a hurry, remains to be seen. Maybe Bruce Willis can make a few more films with 50 Cent while he waits.

Anyway, I expect we’ll hear a few more director’s names before the bottle stops spinning and the tattooed warlord gets his master.

I do think the style of the film is already set, to a large degree. Plans are afoot for a green screen production, much in the mode of 300, and seeing as the events in Xerxes take place before and after, and most likely at the same time as, the events in the first film, some aesthetic cohesion would make sense.

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