Friday Runaround – Remembering Gene

Friday Runaround – Remembering Gene

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“There isn’t anything I have to be afraid of. Love is the answer” – Gene Colan, from his final interview with Clifford Meth.

As “Gene Colan” is trending on Twitter worldwide, we remember the man and his work.

Clifford Meth: I am terribly saddened to lose Gene. He was a gentle and deeply spiritual man, a bright light in every context, and those who knew him at any level were enriched by his warmth and generous nature. Below are some thoughts I cobbled together when he slipped from consciousness earlier this week.

David Lloyd: A wonderful, wonderful creator, and a great inspiration to me. I met him for the first time last year in NY and he was very kind to me. Later, I’m going to post some of the work of his here that I enjoyed the most, in celebration of it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

Jim McCann: The world lost a true Gentleman and legendary creator. Gene Colan, you will be missed, sir.

Heidi MacDonald: Gene Colan was by far my favorite Marvel artist when I was a kid — his characters had so much depth and emotion.

Pia Guerra: Rest in Peace Gene Colan.

Frank Tieri: RIP Gene Colan. Nobody did Daredevil or Dracula better.

Paul Dini: RIP Gene Colan. THE defining artist of DRACULA.

Paul Cornell: A true great, a distinctive artist, Tomb of Dravula being my favourite of his

Michael Avon Oeming: God bless and R.I.P. Gene Colan.

David Mack: Just heard that Gene Colan died. He was such a wonderful person, a great Daredevil artist, & was very kind to me. My best to his family.

B Clay Moore: I’m a huge Gene Colan fan. Particularly his Daredevil and Captain America work, but also Night Force, Tomb of Dracula…sad news.

Ryan Penagos: About to take off for home. Just saw that Gene Colan passed away. Comics loses a great artist. Rest in peace

Rob Williams: Sorry to hear Gene Colan’s died. Such a distinct style to his work.

Mark Englehart: R.I.P. Gene Colan… sigh.

Jeff Parker: When I was 14-15 I would copy panel after panel of Gene Colan’s BATMAN books. That’s when I started understanding clothes. And mood!

Harry Knowles: awww man, Gene Colan passed away…. his work on TOMB OF DRACULA is one of my faves. Great guy too.

Frank Miller: Thoughts with friends/family. A loss for us all.

Chris Ryall: Gene Colan was a giant in comics, a cinematic master who could do superheroes, talking ducks and vampires w/ equal style and skill. R.I.P.

Evan Dorkin: R.I.P. Gene Colan. He was truly great.

Moose Baumann: Sad to see Gene Colan’s passing. I’d met him a few times on the convention circuit over the years, and was fortunate enough to get to work with him on one occasion. He was a really sweet guy, This is heart breaking.

David Aja: Thanks for Night Force, Howard The Duck, Dracula, Iron Man, DD… and all stuff made me dream when a kid and made me want to draw comics.

Chris Roberson: I am wrecked by the news about Gene Colan. He was one of the greats, y’all.

Jimmy Palmiotti: Rest in peace Gene Colan. One of the first people I inked getting into the business. Another great is gone.

JT Krul: Gene Colan was definitely a god amongst men. What a tremendous talent…gone but NEVER will be forgotten.

Tony Lee: Gutted that Gene Colan has passed away. The man was a legend and seemingly immortal. An artist in comics for almost 70 years, he was a guiding force on most of the comics I read including TOMB OF DRACULA. Working til the end, last year at 83 he won an Eisner for CAPTAIN AMERICA 601’s cover. I never met the man, but his art spoke volumes to me. Condolences to his friends and family.

Joe Jusko: Gene’s 1960’s run on Daredevil and his unmatchable 1970’s Tomb of Dracula series will forever remained etched in my artistic make up. Condolences to the entire Colan family.

Marc Andreyko: rest in peace, gene colan. so much amazing work, such a nice guy. i’m glad i got the chance to tell you how much i love your work.

Currently the Hero Initiative, the organisation that raises money to help comic book creators who need assistance, has sales of fan-inked Gene Colan pieces, and is selling this Daredevil print by Colan.

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