The Hunt For DC’s October (UPDATED)

So Dan DiDio is looking for around 80 comics every month from DC.

Well we know the first 52. There are around ten or eleven monthly Vertigo titles and six kids books. Which gives us around twelve more books to be accounted for every month. What might they be?

Here are some possibilities;

1. Batman Beyond by Adam Beechen.

2. Superman Beyond

3. Justice League Beyond.

4. My Greatest Adventure by Kevin Maguire and Aaron Lopresti.

5. Mystery Nicola Scott project.

6. Mystery Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver project.

7. Shade by James Robinson and Jill Thompson.

8. Batman Odyssey by Neal Adams.

9. Mystery Jamal Igle project.

10. Mystery Amanda Conner project.

11. THUNDER Agents by Nick Spencer.

12. Mystery Phil Jimenez project.

13. Mystery Scott Kolins project.

14. Flash: Speed Force.

15.  Batman Inc by Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham (scheduled for 2012).

16. Multiversity by Grant Morrison and friends scheduled for… whenever.

17. Supernatural by Brian Wood

18. Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril by Pete Hogan and Chris Sprouse

19. Top Ten Season Two Part Two by Zander Cannon and Gene Ha

20. The Further Adventures of the Whistling Skull by B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris

21. Wonder Woman project with Grant Morrison and, possible, Phil Jimenez

22. Astro City by Kurt Busiek

23. Si Spurrier Wildstorm project.

24. Batman: Mortality by Paul Levitz and Denys Cowan (six issue mini)

So, which will make the cut? And which titles could be canned to make way…

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