See The Poster For Pixar’s Brave, Hear About Its Trailer

Next Summer, Pixar will release Brave, a highlands folk tale about the Princess Merida, and an enchanted bear. The first teaser trailer for the film, as expected, will be screening with Cars 2, and there’s already an early poster for the film.

This was snapped by “nomad 2010“, but I found it at Upcoming Pixar.

Meanwhile, a Little Bleeder has seen the teaser trailer for the film and sent me a description. Here goes:

The camera swoops, taking in several landmarks of the highlands. There’s a voice over, but I can’t remember accurately what it says, I’m afraid.

We find ourselves in a forrest enchanted with little blue sprites dancing between the trees. Merida comes riding along on her horse and a very beautiful horse it is too. Suddenly the horse rears up at a bear standing on its hind legs. Merida draws her bow and fires – and we cut to the title, Brave. It’s almost exactly a minute long and the look is lush. It’s almost dreamy in fact but it ends on something dark and surprising. Frankly, it looks amazing.

Can’t wait to see it. We understand that it won’t be online until after playing with Cars 2 in US cinemas this weekend.

Cars 2, of course, isn’t out in the UK until later in July… though we’ve got some tickets for a preview to give away. I suggest you follow our Twitter feed or Facebook page