The First DC Comics Retailer Roadshow – And A Return for THUNDER Agents

The first DC Retailer Roadshow took place yesterday at Warner Bros in Burbank, as around twenty teams of retailers were ushered through security checks into the belly of the beast.

Executive big guns Bob Wayne, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, Diane Nelson, Hank Kanalz and John Rood were in attendance with Rood moderating. He did not attempt to show anyone his tattoos.

And while there was an expectation that retailers keep the information they received secret, but internet marketer Matt Nastos posted “The funny thing, looking over my notes and checking around the internet, most of this stuff came out this past week on sites like ICv2 and Bleeding Cool”. We aim to please, Matt, we aim to please.

Jimmy Jay from Jay Company Comics filmed his reaction on the Warner Bros studio lot.

The focus of the meeting is that the marketplace is shrinking and bold and drastic action is necessary to reverse this trend. It’s goodbye to talking heads comics, it’s to action and adventure, and looking to Jim Lee’s work as inspiration to do that across the board. They are attempting to catch new readers, but also foussing on lapsed fans.

Batman Odyssey, THUNDER Agents will join Batman Inc in returning, October or later. They didn’t restart but were also not part of the Relaunch, so skipped September.

Nastos reports that after almost two hours of reporting, basically, existing solicitation information, “one retailer finally stood up… and asked if we could move along to the important part stuff. This seemed to throw off the presenters a bit, although I think it was a fair request.”

Marketing wasn’t addressed to any great degree, the focus was over the retailer programmes and incentives and the damage day-and-date digital distribution might do to their business.

As well as the 1-in-25 variant covers we reported for  the likes of Justice League, Action Comics and Batman, also look out for 1-in-200 variuant covers for those retailers willing to go deep on the big books. Thern there’s added discount for certain books, such as Wonder Woman #1. And there’s returnability for a 10% fee on everything else if you bump your orders again. All these incentives are to cover September, October and November. As for December… we don’t yet know. But Bob Wayne is also guaranteeing that the books will ship on time.

DC have affirmed that digital is a priority for them and they will promote that alongside print in all their communications. That day-and-date sale will be 9am Eastern Time, 6am Pacific Time and 2pm British time. Which means Bleeding Cool will be able to bring you reviews and commentary from print copies in Britain well before the digital ink is dry!

Attendees will receive a Justice League #1 Roadshow Variant, one per retailer. You’ll receive yours along with the shipped regular editions.

The nest meeting is on Monday in Dallas/Fort Worth at the Grand Hyatt DFW. Someone, ask them about the advertising plans, will you?

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