New UK Poster Arrives For Troll Hunter

Now for another Troll Hunter post, and this time we’re going to forget the forthcoming Christopher Columbus remake and instead focus on the current release with a brand new poster for the Norwegian monster movie. This poster was release earlier today through Empire Online and features a truck and a troll. Well, a troll’s legs anyway.

The image is the same used for both the Norwegian and the US posters that were released some time ago, but this time there are also some positive early review quotes featured that proclaim the movie to be “God-Damn Spectacular”, “Exhilirating”, “Astonishing” and other fun adjectives.

I like this poster. It pretty much sums up the movie, from what I can tell: a bunch of people driving straight into trouble.

Troll Hunter is a Blair Witch style mockumentary about a group of students who decide to investigate some local killings that were supposedly the work of some angry bears, but are really the result of grumpy trolls roaming the forests. On their perilous journey they run into a troll hunter, played by bearded Norwegian comedian Otto Jespersen, who somehow manages to make a living from chasing down the things and killing them. I’d love to see how he writes that into his tax returns every year.

We’ve also seen a number of English-language trailers for the film, but here’s the version with the most actual footage from the film.


Bottom line: if you like creature features then there’s a good chance that this will be your movie of the year. It’s released in the UK on September 9th.