Glow In The Dark Chew – San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Picture the scene. The sun is setting across San Diego Harbour Bay. The crickets are sounding, the hotel sprinklers and sprinkling, the cosplayers are snuggling down in their sleeping bags outside Hall H. And a lowly security guard prowls the halls looking for any intruders who posed as statues in the Sideshow Booth.

He turns the corner to the Image pavilion and gets the fright of his life. A wall of Glow In The Dark Chew #19s

If you needed any more proof that the nineties are back, here it is. The glow in the dark comic cover. Made famous by Ghost Rider #15, everyone had a go, Batman #530, Green Lantern #50, Daredevil #321, Aria #4, Sandman Special, Children Of The Voyager #1, Shadowhawk #3, The Spectre #13, The Maxx #1, Superman #123, but of late… nothing. Until now.

And while the standard market won't be getting a glow in the dark cover for John Layman and Rob Guillory's Chew from Image, they will have a "fifth colour" luminous enhancement instead…

Which should be enough to freak anyone out.

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