Did The Left Hand Of DC Know What The Right Hand Was Doing?

In the new issue of Birds Of Prey, we're told in the letters page that Marc Andreyko and Billy Tucci will be creating the next two issues.

See? Yes, exactly like that. But we're also told that Gail Simone has big plans for the future of the comic.

Which is difficult since after that two parter, Gail is no longer writing Birds Of Prey.

We know from the Scott Lobdell interview that he was talking to DC about taking over certain books in December. And Jim Lee and Geoff Johns have been planning Justice League for two years. But some decisions do seem to have been made more on the fly – or in the dark.

DC deep a relatively good job of keeping much of the relaunch a secret until release. Some creators have told me that while they knew they were working on an issue 1 relaunch, or a new book, that they had no idea it was part of something bigger till they read it on Bleeding Cool. Some people didn't even know they were on a book until well after the relaunch had started to be announced.

But, looking at this letters page, it seems the editors didn't know if their creators were planned to go off elsewhere…

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