American Gods TV Series To Be “Six-Season, Open-Ended”

All being well, HBO are set to screen a TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s novel American Gods and the basic vision for the show being shared by producer Gary Goetzman is sounding awfully ambitious.

He was speaking at the Singapore premiere of Larry Crowne, which is a product of Goetzman and Tom Hanks’ Playtone Productions as Gods will be. He threw out a few numbers, so let’s have a mini-crunch.

  • Six seasons
  • 10-12 episodes per season
  • $35-40 million budget per season
  • So that’s something like $2,916,666 to $4,000,000 per episode
  • Screening in 2013 or later

As I reported before, the show’s creatives include cinematographer/director Robert Richardson and Neil Gaiman himself. The two of them are expected to write the pilot episode together.

Much of the budget, Goetzman implies, will go on special effects work. Here’s a quote from The Hollywood Reporter:

There are some crazy things in there. We’ll probably be doing more effects in there than it’s been done on a television series.

Really? More than in, say, Battlestar Galactica? Or Doctor Who? That’s a lot of effects.

It was also in THR, incidentally, that the series was referred to as “open-ended”, but how this is reconciled with a statement of its finite length, eg. “six-seasons”, I do not know.