DC Relaunch: Who Is Jake Ellis’ Nathan Edmondson To Write Grifter #1

So I was discussing the DC Relaunch with a couple of friends in the pub. And I was reminded of criticism aimed Bob Harras at Marvel that I once reported for All The Rage… yes it was a while ago. I wrote;

One event seems to stand out – when Bill Jemas asked Bob to suggest some cutting-edge comics talent for the Ultimate line, Bob suggested Scott Lobdell, Adam Pollina and Joe Harris.

I understand [Joe] Quesada recommended Brian Bendis to Bill Jemas – then the likes of Mark Millar, Garth Ennis and Grant Morrison. Bob Harras countered with Fabian Nicieza, Terry Cavanagh and Howard Mackie. The writing was on the wall really. And no wonder Quesada became Jemas’ favourite son.

And that’s what I felt about many of the names being presented under the DC Relaunch. They felt safe and familiar, at a time when there is a lot of exciting, different names from different publishers that one may have thought it worth pursuing.

And then today I discover this. Nathan Edmondson, author of the Image hit book currently serialised in CLiNT, Who Is Jake Ellis? will be writing Grifter #1 for the DC September Relaunch.

Finally a creative choice that couldn’t have been made by swapping round solicitations from a previous DC Previews listing. And taking on a Wildstorm book, to boot.

Any chance of Jim Zubkavich‘s Wetworks? Or Charles Soule‘s Ladytron?

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