IGN Calls Star Of Batwing #1 “African-American”…

They’re not alone. I once heard of an American newsreader who described Nelson Mandela as “African American”.

But in announcing the story DC gave them about Batwing #1, from Judd Winick and Ben Oliver, IGN made the classic slip up;

“Batwing #1, starring the first ever African-American character to don the mantle as the Batman of Africa.”

When, of course, reading Batman Inc (and just checking in with DC people to make sure) David Zavimbi is African-African… or, you know, “black” will do fine as well.

Countdown to when it gets changed…

UPDATE: It changed.

“Batwing #1,starring the first ever black character to don the mantle as the Batman of Africa [Editor’s note: mistakenly originally reported as African-American, Batwing is African].”

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