Flashpoint #2 - How Can You Tell You're In Paris?

Flashpoint #2 – How Can You Tell You’re In Paris?

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It used to be a joke in comics, especially DC Comics. How do you know if a comic book is set in Paris? You can see the Eiffel Tower out of the window. Any window. Every window.

Something I thought of seeing the double splash page in Flashpoint #2 out today…

Yes, even when Western Europe has been plunges into the see by Aquaman, Ocean Master and the other Atlanteans, it’s good to see that some things… float to the surface.

Hang on, what is the Eiffel Tower made of again?

Heh, it’s the same as London, whenever a scene is set there, you know it because you can always see the…

Exactly, there you go. Of course, if that’s Steve Trevor, I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes when the testicle-removing Wonder Woman of Flashpoint catches up with him…

And if you thought the end of Flashpoint #1 was a shock ending, wait till you see the end of #2. The rules in this world are very different…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. Currently hosting the Slovenian Comix gallery Stripburger with eventsrunning until the 12th of June. And watch for a signing with Klaus Janson at 5pm on the 16th June.

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