Death Comes To Fear Itself #3

It appears you can’t have a big event crossover without a significant B-character death. That’s how you know it matters. Crisis On Infinite Earths gave us Supergirl. Secret Wars gave us Zsaji (hey, she was significant to me, okay?). Civil War killed off Giant Man. Siege did away with Ares. Blackest Night doesn’t really count as it killed off everyone then brought them back. But War Of The Lanterns did for  Mogo. And now…

Well, in Fear Itself #3, we get a death. A big death. A proper death. A nasty big spiky death. A death that readers of a certain book will be up in arms about. No I’m not going to tell you who here. You can read the book first.

But on the way, we do discover that even if you can deflect a missile with your cyborg arm…

The person who fired it may not take too kindly to the act.

And even All-Father’s can act like Peter Griffen sometimes.

So, death spoilers off, what did we think?

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. Currently hosting the Slovenian Comix gallery Stripburger with events running until the 12th of June. And watch for a signing with Klaus Janson at 5pm on the 16th June. And a Kirby-inspired galery right now as well!

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