Alan Moore To Join Stewart Lee On BBC2 In An Hour

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For those of you in Britain, set the video, DVR or the iPlayer to record Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle tonight. Or just watch it, I know, radical. This anti-standup comedy show is on from 11.20pm until 11.50pm and is described thus;

The comedian examines the notion of national identities, and questions their origins, what they really mean and whether any of them have solid historical grounds or are only mechanisms for people to feel better about themselves. Featuring a guest appearance by Alan Moore, author of graphic novels including Watchmen and V for Vendetta.

Stewart Lee and Alan Moore have worked together on and off since Lee chose to interview Alan Moore for the BBC Radio 4 show Chain Reaction, and broke the format of the show which was only meant to be comedians interviewing comedians. The subsequent episode, Alan Moore interviewing Brian Eno remains one of the most entertaining half hours in radio history.

Lee also interviewed Moore on stage to launch Lost Girls, and for television. Lee has written for Alan Moore’s Dodgem Logic, and appeared at his Dodgem Logic stage show, so this seems like fair payback.

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle is part of a current resurgence in more interesting looking shows on the BBC, including All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace, Ideal and The Shadow Line. Last week’s show, where Stewart Lee threatened his audience with a guitar song, saw them use the take where someone walked out half way through the song, pushing Lee to despair and abandoning any attempt to carry on.

It is rather remarkable. Tonight’s should be even more so.

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