Jessica Alba Is Mom, Ricky Gervais Is The Dog, The Spy Kids Are Back

This trailer for Robert Rodriguez‘ Spy Kids: All The Time in the World showcases the new Spy Kids, gives a cameo or two to the old Spy Kids, introduces Jessica Alba as Spy Mom and exploits Ricky Gervais as Spy Dog. It also promises that the film will be in 4D, which presumably means it will not only have pictorial width, breadth and depth but also transform as time passes. Which is to say, not every frame in the film will be exactly the same.

Pretty much one of the basic requirements for any motion picture.

And I’m glad to know it will meet at least that one. Shame about so many of the others, which seem to have been left flapping in the wind.

You can see that in HD at Yahoo.
I liked the first two Spy Kids a good amount, and had some fun with the third, but this just looks drab. C’mon Mr. Rodriguez, you can’t really be six solid years past your peak, can you?