Fifty-Two Marvel And DC T-Shirts For Stoners

Junk Food have a bunch of retro-styled superhero T-shirts, whether that being retro from the sixties or the ninetiies. Pre-faded, oddly juxtaposed images and sentences, here are our top five…

1. The Stoner T-Shirt of choice. Because nothing looks cooler than passing a toke while wearing such irony upon one's chest. Extra points if you get any ash burns on it.

2. I hope your irony powers are strong, because that's the only way you'll be able to get away with wearing this one. Unless of course you're a woman and then it's implicit.

3. And there we go, reverse sexism, so it's fine.


4. Bugger the irony this is just a great looking shirt.

5. And how down with the kids is this? "Original fist pump?" Word, Superman, word!

And here are forty-seven others you may prefer.

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