Trailer For The Lion King In 3D Reveals US Theatrical Release Plans

Beauty and the Beast was the first of Disney’s hand-drawn animations to be converted to 3D. We’re still waiting to see the fruits of the stereographers’ labours there – at least we are in most of the world, as it did play for a couple of weeks last year, down in Australasia. If you saw it, drop me a line and tell me about it.

Up in the northern hemisphere it looks like Beast is to get leapfrogged by The Lion King. Both have been announced for 3D Blu-ray release during “Fall 2011”, but Lion King has also now gotten itself  a 3D theatrical re-release trailer.

Check this out for all the material they could muster that says “3D! 3D!”

That US trailer promised a release, once again, in the fall. I know that a UK release is planned, and that Disney are expected to promo the film at the Empire-sponsored Big Screen event in August, but any more specific plans are still under wraps.

UPDATE: The US release has been announced for September 16th. It’s not going to be a wide release, but just how narrow it will be isn’t yet clear.