Colleen Doran Vs Alison Granito

Colleen Doran Vs Alison Granito

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Right now I’m off seeing X-Men First Class. More about that later. Because Colleen Doran wrote about Rob Granito a week ago with the title “Everything that comes out of Rob Granito’s mouth smells of ass and cheese doodles” which looked at Rob Granito’s claims with, shall we say, a cynical eye, and comments by Sara Teague on Granito’s claims over the years;

He didn’t imply he’d worked with Bruce Timm, he said, verbatim, that he was one of the storyboard and background artist for the entire duration of not only the Batman Animated Series, but also Superman the Animated Series as well as Batman Beyond and JLU. He talked about how he fought to keep the original ending of the Return of the Joker movie. He also claimed to have worked on Samurai Jack, and that one of his canvas paintings was used as promotional art for Cartoon Network

Well, today, Colleen received the following letter;

Mrs. Doran,

I have but one thing to ask you. And that is.. who do you think you are? Who do you think YOU are? As a fellow woman and mother, I am shocked at your additude, to prove you are some sort of “tough chick” personality. I was sent your column on Mr. Granito (“Everything that comes out of Rob Granito’s mouth…”) and am sickened and offended.

Mr. Granito has taken the blame for his honest mistakes, but your column goes beyond the call of duty with your offensive, insulting and degrading remarks. Comparing Mr. Rob Granito to a psychopath stalker. This is a man who has spent his life drawing in the pursuits of art and sharing it with his fans. Yes, he has made a mistake. Where is his second chance?Are you saying he doesnt get one? Is there an exception now because YOU feel ignored?

You feel ignored because the hottest cartoon and comic web sites didnt cover Colleen. They covered Mr. Granito, who provokes thought and discussion from the cartoon/comic strip industry. I am sorry you were ignored but this attack on Mr. Granito is sick, uncalled for, and as a woman, I am ashamed of you. Who do you think you are to launch a campaign to defraud and slander Mr. Rob Granito?

I hate to give you a piece of my mind like this because I know what it is like to be a working woman! But you crossed the line and I believe it was to prove some sort of coolness with the kids and tough girl act. But you are hurting a man who has real feelings. And real talent.

Please take down that offensive article and try opening your heart to forgiveness. I see a lot of resentment due to Mr. Granito’s sudden fame. We cannot control what the media does, Coleen.

So, does Rob Granito deserve a second chance? Past the four of five chances I’ve given him that is? Answers on a sketch card, please.

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