Thursday Trending Topics: You Haven't Seen The Last Of Rob Granito

Thursday Trending Topics: You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Rob Granito

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The only thing better than Rich Johnston interviewing Rob Granito would have to be Rich Johnston interviewing Rob Granito on youtube. Perhaps some other time.  It’s funny, I’ve seen long threads in at least 3 major forums over the past couple years questioning the identity of one of the characters in the image on the shirt Rob is wearing here. It’s become quite a mystery in recent years, it seems.  That’s Wyatt Wingfoot in the bottom row, 3rd from the left, in case you were wondering.

In the meantime, this is once again that night of the week during which I have to cut this short due to my moonlighting commitment with another site.  But I will leave you with this:  The curious case of the blank black rectangle was once again the most-clicked pic of the day.  What in the world could it mean?

Most-Read Comic Stories Today:

Bleeding Cool Asks Rob Granito Ten Questions. And He Answers.

Rob, in our original interview, you told me that you’d worked as a ghost artist on covers for Shadow Of The Bat, Teen Titans, Spider-Man and more. We know that’s untrue, can you explain why you told me, and your customers, that?

Gendercrunching – DC & Marvel, April 2011 by Tim Hanley

After leading Marvel for three months, DC Comics took a tumble and the Big Two ended up tied for April. Marvel saw a modest bump, which is lovely, but both publishers are in the single digits for the first time this year.

Hawkman Replaces Zatanna In Brightest Day Aftermath

In the original promotion for The Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swmp Thing, while Batman and Superman were present on the cover and we worked out the foreground fellow was John Constantine, the other dark figure was a mystery.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today:

SCOOP: Nacho Vigalondo To Direct Mark Millar And Leinil Yu’s Supercrooks

At the Kapow comic convention in London last month, show organiser Mark Millar stated that there was a big name Spanish director signed up to direct a film based on his newly announced Marvel Icon book Supercrooks with artist Leinil Yu. Something he repeated in his editorial in this week’s CLiNT magazine as announcing next month.

Lars Von Trier Rushes Special: Scorsese, Porn, Nazis

Lars von Trier‘s Melancholia premiered this morning at the Cannes film festival, after which there was a press conference. The Danish firebeand’s Cannes conferences are always good value (good shock value, natch), but this one might prove unbeatable.

Work Is Underway On Vincenzo Natali’s Neuromancer

Though principal photography won’t begin until early 2012, work is underway on the FX for Vincenzo Natali‘s Neuromancer, adapted from the novel by William Gibson. This is according to a new press release from the film’s producers, Seven Arts Pictures and GFM Films. They also reveal that shooting will take place in Canada, Istanbul, Tokyo and London.

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