Jonathan Ross And Bryan Hitch To Create Comic For 2012?

Recently Bleeding Cool reported that Ultimates creator Bryan Hitch looked to be teasing a creator owned project for the summer of 2012. At the time I speculated this may be the long-expected Olympus project from both Hitch and oft-collaborator Mark Millar.

Turns out that was wrong. While I don't have a title. pitch or a synopsis, I'm told by the kind of person who should know that Bryan Hitch's project will written by British broadcaster and comedian, Jonathan Ross.

Ross has already co-created the comic book Turf for Image with Tommy Lee Edwards for Image, and the pair have a superhero project to follow that, Golden Age.

Bryan Hitch is normally associated as working for Marvel Comics and he may have a contract that prohibits working outside the company, so the new book may be published through Marvel Icon – that is, if Bryan Hitch is restrained by an exclusive Marvel contract next summer.

Neither Jonathan nor Bryan responded to enquiries.

Bryan did however tweet "Today is a day I can't tell you about. Huge fun ahead but no rumours or guesses would ever be correct. You just couldn't. ;)" which may be related…¬† or may not.

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