Alan Moore Still Standing In The Corner Of Your Store

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In a blog post looking at London comic shops (and look forward on a piece on the new Place In Space on Bleeding Cool shortly), a comic book buyer noted an experience popping into Gosh! Comics on Gt Russell Street opposite the British Museum. He writes;

A low, Northampton accent bellowed across the store. I walked past the three middle aged men, and I look at them individually. Could it be? I put my comics on the counter, I look at the cashier, he looks at me. I look at him as if to say that’s him isn’t it, and he looks at me as if to say yeah it is, and he’s kind-of-a-regular. I look down at the counter Dodgem Logic is spread over the counter. I pay for the books. I get butterflies in the stomach, and I take a step back. Bear in mind I’ve never ‘marked out’ to this extent before, I decided that this is an opportunity that couldn’t and shouldn’t be missed.

I politely wait until the three men stop chatting and then I make eye contact with one of the most important creators in comic history. What should I say, what should I say… Have you seen Mallrats when Brody goes absolutely postal upon finding that Stan Lee was at his Mall? Well, I’m British we don’t do that, I had already decided that I wasn’t going to randomly buy a copy of Dodgem Logic and get the great man to sign it as that would be incredibly crass. I move forward and I offer my hand and I say:

“I just want to thank you for all the enjoyment that you’ve given me over the years.” And he takes my hand shakes it and tells me that he thanks me for being very kind! And then the Great Beard leaves the shop and seems really happy that this skulking 33 year old man has marked out in a totally understated way.

As I leave the shop, a couple a moments later, it dawns on me: I’ve just shaken Alan Moore’s hand. I’ve met Alan Moore. And I’ve personally expressed gratitude to one of the most important comic book creators in the history of comics. Alan Moore. It’s Alan Moore. Yeah!!!!

I mention this because it reminded me of a certain favourite song by a certain favourite MJ Hibbet which also was inspired by a similar event in Gosh!

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