Wednesday Runaround – Committed To Conan O’Brien

ChatShowWatch: Graphic novelist Jess Smart Smiley (A Map in the Dirt, Upside Down: A Vampire Tale) has started a campaign to get a guest spot on the Conan O’Brien Show.

To promote his effort, he has made a Facebook group where he is drawing daily portraits of Conan.

AcademiaWatch: The acedemic side of the Leeds comic convention, Thought Bubble has opened, calling for paper to be presented at the three day conference in November.

ThorWatch: Anyone want a Thor press kit in order to stage your own terrorist alert?

CollectWatch: Vertigo are collecting a stack of Bill Willingham’s non-Fables work, his Sandman spinoffs and my personal favourite,  Proposition Player, in  a 464 page hardcover, Bad Doings And Big Ideas.

PublicityWatch: Free Comic Book Day 2011 generated an estimated $1.5 million in publicity.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.


Piper’s character – Bolphunga the Unrelenting – is the central antagonist in the episodic segment entitled “Mogo Doesn’t Socialize.” Based on the 1985 story created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, the story centers on Bolphunga’s search for Mogo, the largest Green Lantern, in hopes of engaging the famed warrior in a battle worthy of the villain. The role serves as a perfect vehicle to showcase Piper’s strength and wonderful sense of humor.

Wonder Woman reboot might not be dead yet, and here’s why

The word on the street is that no network is going to pick up a series that NBC passed on, but The CW has always played by its own rules. The CW covets a young audience, has a history of being female-friendly — a recent TV Critics Association panel was called “The Kick-Ass Women of The CW” — and is looking for a viable replacement series for Smallville.

CBLDF » CBLDF Auctions Massive Molly Crabapple Original

Molly Crabapple wanted to make a huge statement about her support for Free Speech. With attacks on comics on the rise and border searches increasing, Crabapple saw a need to do her part. So, she created a monstrous masterpiece to benefit CBLDF — a masterpiece that you can bid on!

Marvel Shelves Hilarious Deadpool/MC Hammer Cover

If the change was made because Marvel got skittish about the legality of the parody, that probably doesn’t leave much hope for Stegman’s cover of #2 (MC Hammer and Gallagher are both no strangers to lawsuits):


Take the Oath.

Sieg Smurf ! | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

In his book, Buéno makes a well-wrought sociological analysis of the Smurfs and their village.  He comes to the conclusion that the Smurfs live in a society that is “the embodiment of a totalitarian utopia, steeped in Stalinism and Nazism”.  The smurfs know no individual property and are led by a Great Leader, Papa Smurf, who runs a very authoritarian and paternalist ship. But it doesn’t stop there.  Gargamel, the Smurfs’ adversary, is supposed to be a Jewish caricature, on a par with antisemite Nazi propaganda in the 1930s

PHOTO FLASH: Broadway’s Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Returns: Theater News on – 05/13/2011

On Thursday, May 12, the revamped version of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark had its first preview at the Foxwoods Theatre, after taking a hiatus to implement changes to the show.

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