How Josh Hoopes Is Trying To Scam Rob Granito

I know some of you will have little sympathy for him. But no one deserves this.

Talking to Alison Granito, wife of Rob Granito, the scam has been uncovered.

I already told you that Josh Hoopes had been talking to Rob Granito, helping him, sympathising with him, joining with him as painting me as their mutual nemesis. And I wondered what his angle was. Now I know.

Josh has told Rob he wants to help launch Rob’s career in Europe. That he knows all the UK comics editors. But for UK editors to see his work, Rob has to pay them. Via Josh Hoopes.

I’m not surprised. I’ve been trying to tell Alison that this is a classic scam and that no editor needs to be paid to see work. And that I live in the UK and should know.

The only trouble is, she doesn’t believe me.

She thinks that Josh Hoopes is trustworthy, that this is perfectly normal, and that I’m just causing trouble. And Rob has found someone he thinks understands him, wants to help him in his time of need, and who he can trust.

The only silver lining is that their Paypal account is currently frozen so they can’t pay Josh quite yet.

The reason it’s frozen? Some people who bought pieces from Rob made chargebacks against their Paypal payments when they discovered that the artwork was swiped, thanks to the original Bleeding Cool article about Rob and the various followups across the net.

Basically, my coverage of Rob Granito has not only made him a target for Josh Hoopes, but has prevented him from being scammed.

I believe that is the definition of irony, Ms Morrissette.

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