V For Vendetta Vs Government Debt

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It’s a slightly incongruous image.

But at yesterday’s 350-strong protest at Trafalgar Square demanding that government reduce debt further that, due to good media contacts and buying a massive bus to circle the area, managed to get mass media coverage, one attendee was wearing the V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask.

V masks have proved popular amongst the anti-Scientology and pro-Wikileaks crowd thanks to the Anonymous protest group, but also the anti-pretty-much-everything marches that target war, education cuts and global trade. It’s very much been a symbol of the libertarian and anarchic left.

But the Guy Fawkes imagery has also been used heavily by Paul Staines, who blogs as Guido Fawkes (and for who I provide weekly cartoons) and who writes very much from a libertarian right perspective. So it’s not a surprise that one or two V masks turned up yesterday.

What would V For Vendetta writer Alan Moore’s take be? Well he’s been protesting against library cuts in his local town as well as promoting the existence of council housing. But two weeks ago at the Dodgem Logic festival, when asked about the Alternative Vote referendum he dismissed it, reaffirming his dedication to the cause of anarchy and for government to be no more than an “administration”.

One thing at least that he and Paul Staines may be able to drink to. If possibly not quite the tone of this banner…

And the police may have over-estimated attendance

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