Saturday Runaround: Star Trek

NoPornWatch: Star Trek XXX without the XXX.


ToyWatch: Geoff Beckett of Shocker Toys gets painted as a deadbeat. Again. This time by Toby Robles, after his thousand dollars…

TerrorWatch: When Spider-Man fought the IRA – and won!

TerrorWatch2: And when Captain Planet did the same;


DoctorWatch: Ponies are cool.

UKWatch: Jon Haward says goodbye to Marvel UK.

very sad indeed as this has made things more difficult now for U.K based artists and writers, colourists getting work , i would like to say a special thank you to Alan O keefe Managing Editor at Panini U.K who asked me 10yrs ago to the day if i would be interested in drawing Spider-man ,so started 10 wonderful years drawing Marvel characters for Marvel U.K it’s been a honour and pleasure to work on these great titles Spectacular Spider-man Adventures, Marvel Rampage and the Marvel pocket book range ,i’ve made some great friends working on those titles and really feel lucky to have been part of the Panini Marvel U.K. i guess my biggest highlight was the Captain Britain /Spidey stories as i got to work with my friends on those jobs and they where well received by the readers and reviewers too.

all the Editorial over the years have been great to work with too as ,mentioned on blwwdingcool, they all loved working on the Marvel material.

i’d just like to end by saying thanks to the readers of the comics , it’s been a pleasure

MashWatch: When Thor meets Black Swan…

SexWorkerWatch: Chester Brown keeps doing the interview runaround;

“The closest we came to a conflict was in deciding what the title should be. I favoured more “direct” titles that used words like “sex”, “prostitute”, or “trick” — they wanted to avoid those words. But as vehement and passionate as they were on the subject, they still would have let me use a more direct title if I had insisted on it. As you know, I disliked the title Paying For It because it implies that I paid for “it” in some non-monetary way.”

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

The Neal Adams Blog: Boston Comic-con

Now here’s the big surprise. My son Josh was there, and he’s just starting a series of stories on the new Dr. Who, that will be coming from IDW. I’ve already seen his preliminary draws, and they’re just great. Josh’s table was constantly surrounded by girl fans, of the new Dr. Who, Matt Smith. Have you seen the new shows?

Final Incal T2: Luz Gara

Volume 1 of Final Incal incorporated the story of an album designed ten years ago by Moebius ( After The Incal , sold nearly 100,000 copies, now out of print) and has never been concluded. Jodorowsky Ladron and repair this injustice today and give us a new episode totally original.

ICv2 – Comic Sales Decline Slows in April

April saw the first appearance of Fear Itself, the first of this summer’s big comic events, and the year-long decline in comic book sales appeared to slow down somewhat. The drop in year-over-year monthly sales of periodical comics through Diamond Comic Distributors slowed in April to 1.75%, while graphic novels posted just a .84% drop versus April of 2010.

‘V for Vendetta’ artist David Lloyd Revolutionary comic art –, Philippine News for Filipinos

It was also a turning point because the editor started his own independent publication, called “Warrior,” and wanted me to create a similar character, and that’s how “V for Vendetta was born. I was asked to write and draw that, but I knew Alan Moore at that time. Alan Moore is brilliant, and I knew it would be better if Alana would write it, so we got him on board and it worked out very well.

Ashley Wood to Offer San Diego Comic Con 2011 Exclusive Robot | Hypergeek

Late yesterday, IDW opened the robot for sale and encountered technical difficulties due to the extremely high demand for the toy. The sale is being moved to a different server and will be available again next week. The robot will not be on sale again today or over the weekend.

‘Smallville’: Visual effects gurus who made Clark super | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times

“We did 4,500 visual effects shots across 195 episodes … It was one of the longest-running vfx-centered shows ever. Longer than ‘X-Files,’ ‘Twilight Zone,’ ‘Lost,’ ‘Buffy’ and a whole bunch of others,” said Mat Beck, senior visual effects supervisor of Entity FX.

Sneak Peek: Mystery Men #1 | Marvel Heroes | Comic News | News |

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at MYSTERY MEN #1 (of 5), from Edgar Award-winning writer David Liss and artist Patrick Zircher! Before Captain America, before the Twelve, there was The Aviatrix, The Operative, Achilles, The Revenant and The Surgeon! What drives these five heroes to pull on masks and take to the rooftops of Manhattan?

First Look: Simon Bisley’s Fearsome Four | Marvel Heroes | Comic News | News |

Few artists have a gift for creating cringe-inducing yet simultaneously enticing visual work quite like the masterful Simon Bisley, and it’s a skill he’ll be putting to good use when he contributes to FEAR ITSELF: FEARSOME FOUR this summer. We’ve got a tantalizingly terrifying sneak peek at Bisley’s work on the first issue—on sale June 8—as well as the cover to #3, featuring the reunion of a peculiar past Fantastic Four line-up.

Season 2 Extra Casting Has Begun | The Walking Dead Podcast

We are starting casting for some featured zombie types — looking for men and women 18 – 60 — VERY slim builds ONLY some acting or movement experience is great – we will be posting for other roles soon but for now only very slim types and slim facial features for very specific roles, must be available to work on southside of Atlanta — email clear recent face shot and body shot to:

New Still Image from Captain America: The First Avenger Reveals a Comic Book-Inspired HYDRA Agent

Instead, an anonymous HYDRA agent is the featured subject, seemingly to show the fans that Johnston didn’t completely abandon HYDRA’S comic book costume of green tunic and cowl with goggles (any fan would agree that losing the yellow gloves and piping for black gloves and Red Skull-red piping is an improvement).

Marvel To Publish Core Books “More Agressively” Soon

In response to a question about whether any other Marvel flagship titles could follow Amazing Spider-Man to a twice-monthly format, he said “You will see us striving to put out more than 12 issues of our core series in a given year, but not necessarily anywhere near to 24,”

Mouse Guard Fan Animation by ~Pspynett on deviantART

Well, it’s hard to believe this is finally done. Eight months, tonnes of frustration and learning later, and it’s actually looking quite nice.

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