Register Now To See The Premiere Of Terry Gilliam’s New Film On Your Computer

Posted by May 12, 2011 Comment

Terry Gilliam’s new film, The Wholly Family, is to receive a World Premiere “multicast” on the 25th of May. Essentially, it’s going to be streamed to viewers simultaneously, like a world premiere not happening in just one location, but still with just one audience. The multicast, it’s said, will be bringing us all together to enjoy the premiere collectively.

In order to see the stream you’ll need to register in advance at My Movies. There’s a limited number of “tickets”, so I’d suggest signing up soon. Hopefully the limited number of allocations being allowed will ensure a manageable audience with no server problems or hiccups.

As the event is being organised and centralised in Italy, I’d assume the premiere time of 21:30 given will be Italian time – so, 20:30 for me.

UPDATE: To clarify – the film, which I’ve covered plenty of times on Bleeding Cool in the past, is expected to be around fifteen minutes long.

It goes without saying that I’ve signed up, of course. I recommend you do just the same thing yourself.

Thanks to Little Bleeder Anto Blueberry for the tip.

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