House Has Been Renewed For An Eighth Season But Hugh Laurie Says It Will Be His Last

The official announcement coming from Fox is that House, still my personal favourite of the hour long dramas on American network TV, will be returning for an eighth season. It took several months of negotiations, and probably some very fat cheques, but Robert Sean Leonard, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein and the show’s key writing team have either all just signed or are in the final stages of dealmaking.

Title star Hugh Laurie was already locked, as this will his third and final year under an extended contract. Judging from his comments to the press, however, he’s not about to re-up:

The end of (the eighth) season, right now, looks like the end of the show. That is as far as they have got me for.

He was speaking to The Radio Times, but the transcript comes from The Daily Mail.

Deadline were already reporting that this season was expected to be the final one before getting their hands on the Laurie quote. On the other hand they were also bringing glad tidings that David Shore, the show’s creator, is coming back to round the series out.

I’m hoping Shore and co. can go out on a high. The House team are clever enough to come up with something really unexpected and still fully satisfying for their endgame, so I hope they do, and that we’re not run aground again like we were, for example, with the dull and sentimental Cuckoo’s Next episode.