DC Comics' Greg Noveck Heads Up Syfy Films

It wasn't that long ago that Greg Noveck, on a plane ride, told the person sitting next to him that he worked for DC Comics, but didn't expect to be staying around much longer, due to new management.

That prediction came true and Greg, who had started the Films and TV division within DC, was an early casualty of the new regime under Diane Nelson and Jeff Robinov.

Still, he had a number of movie and TV projects under his belt, and was personally very pleased with  the relatively unknown Red which he personally chaperoned through the myriad levels of developmental hell into production

Well, now he's popped up as head of the new Syfy Films, part of Universal Pictures, making movies in the $15-$25 million bracket.

And his influence at DC is still significant. The Green Lantern movie, another project of his, is almost out, Smallville stayed strong through an unprecedented ten series and his ex-assistant Aria Moffly is now a Creative Assistant under Mike Carlin and Geoff Johns at DC Entertainment Creative Affairs in Burbank.

Of course, now they are his competition…

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