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Kate Kotler writes for Bleeding Cool

Recently I’ve been asked a bunch by different people via various places what comics I read/love and what’s on my personal pull list. Given this, I thought I’d run down my so-called-pull list, including some of my fave comics/graphic novels by awesome creators I’m pally with… because I’m all about the nepotism, you know.

My current pull list:

  • Kill Shakespeare by Belanger, Del Col and McCreery from IDW — if you’re not familiar with this series you’re truly missing something awesome. KS takes the Bard’s classic characters and puts them into a newly imagined world where Hamlet is the protagonist, Richard the III is the evil boss and there are a host of ass-kicking Shakespearean characters along the way (including my fave, Juliet, who is a little more like The Bride from the Kill Bill series than the wishy-washy lovesick teenager you read about in high school) seeking out the “evil wizard” Shakespeare.

(Rich says – set Kimberly Cox on her!)

  • Turf by Ross and Edwards from Image — I’ll simply say: Aliens, vampire type creatures and gangsters in prohibition New York City. Though you may question the mixing of metaphors, trust Auntie Kate in that this book (written by life time comic nerd Jonathan Ross) is all kinds of awesome.
  • Spontaneous by Harris and Weldele from Oni Press — This series just launched yesterday on Free Comic Book Day, and truthfully, I haven’t even read the first issue yet. However, Joe Harris is an all time favorite writer of mine and after reading the complete Ghost Projekt mini-series last year (and loving it) I’m excited to check it out.
  • Doctor Who from IDW — I have been reading these comics for years, regardless of author or artist.
  • Hopeless Savages by Jen Van Meter and various artists from Oni Press — Skankabella Zero Savage is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. And, Jen Van Meter’s snappy and sometimes silly writing keeps me drawn in and laughing through each adventure surrounding Zero’s punk rock family, the Hopeless-Savages. There is a huge anthology of collected work from 2000-2010 issues which was recently released by Oni. And, rumor has it that there are new stories about the Hopeless-Savage family forthcoming from Oni Press in single issue format in 2011… EXCITED!
  • Love and Capes by Thomas F. Zahler from IDW — Because this book is a “rom com meets superheroes” book, hardcore cape fans might be tempted to dismiss it on first glance. Don’t. Zahler’s characters are deep, yet totally hilarious and he writes relationships with real insight and sincerity. Not to mention that his art is vibrant and reminiscent of classic cartoonists such as Chuck Jones. It’s very very good stuff, don’t pass it by just because it’s written by the “pretty boy” of comics (yup, totally called you a “pretty boy,” Zahler, deal with it!)

What will soon be on my pull list:

  • Youth in Revolt by McKeever and Norton from Marvel — Final Crisis is due out on May 13th and while I’ve not read this series up until now, I really like the artwork of Mike Norton on other projects and, I think Sean McKeever is an awesome writer, (I have a total comic crush on him) so I’ve decided to check it out.
  • The Amazing SpiderManSpider Island story arc (starting in issue #666) by Slott and Ramos from Marvel — I haven’t followed Spidey in YEARS, but after reading Dan’s FCBD issue of my second favorite superhero (Wonder Woman is #1,) I have to say I’m 100% going to invest myself and tune in to find out how my friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man deals with a whole society of spidey-powered peeps when he has no spidey-senses…
  • Birds of Prey by Andreyko and Tucci from DC Comics — I buy anything and everything that Marc Andreyko ever writers. I’m biased, though He’s a pal and I went to college with him (Theatre Kent, forevah!) and I think Marc’s a fantastic writer. I’ve never read BoP before, but as he’s taking the book back to a classic era for his run, I’m excited to check it out… who knows, perhaps it’ll get me sucked into that series.
  • Sheena by Storrie and Minor from Moonstone — While the shipping date hasn’t been set yet, I’m excited to see what my friend Paul Storrie does with this classic, super-strong female comic character — Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.
  • The Happy Prince by P.Craig Russell — I shouldn’t have to tell you why this is going to be an awesome important comic book… it’s P. Craig Russell, come on! I need to go back and collect all of Russell’s adaptations of the Oscar Wilde fairy tales, because between what we’ve seen preview wise of the HP pages and what I know from Salome, this is a series that anyone with an ounce of love for illustration should collect.
  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle and adapted by Hope Larson — This is undoubtedly the graphic novel I’m the most excited about seeing in the next year-ish. I love Larson’s artwork and A WiT is one of my favorite YA books EVAH. I’m truly beside myself with excitement to see what one of my favorite artists does with one of my favorite books.

What is on your pull list? I’d love to know, as I love to read new, awesome things! Tweet it at me, @adorkablegrrl or @geekgirlotstree or leave it here on Bleeding Cool the comments for this column, I’ll let ya know if I check out your suggestion. And, stay tuned, as next week I’ll be starting a multi-part series taking a look at four of the creators on my pull list and comparing their early art/writing to what they’re working on now in “Geek Girl on the Street Reports: Cool Creators, Then and Now.”

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