Speculator Corner: Red Spike Launches Rainbow Week At Image

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It’s Tuesday. Tomorrow is Wednesday. And there are two new Image issue one titles coming out.

Of late there has been massive speculator interest over new Image comics, as a result of Walking Dead, Chew, Morning Glories,Skullkickers, 27, Butcher Baker, Green Wake and Nonplayer flying off the shelves, up the walls and eBay bids. So as a reult, there’s going to be some keen eyes on any Image newcomer right now.

Especially when Red Spike #1 costs the princely sum of… one dollar. If there is a speculator boom on the book, even a small price rise will give better than usual return, at least in terms of percentages.

It’s part of a line of books spearheaded by Dave Elliot coming through Image that are getting attention with a very low price point. With Free Comic Book Day coming up on Saturday, it;s not a bad plan at all.

It also joins Blue Estate #2 and Green Wake #2 both out this week too at the more usual $2.99 price point. If you want to pitch a book to Image right now, may I suggest something called Yellow Fever? White Flight? Black Hole? Purple Prose? Actually I quite like that last one.

See previews to Red Spike, Blue Estate and Green Wake below.

Red Spike #1:

Green Wake #2

Blue Estate #2

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