Single Pages Of The Master, The Avengers And Django Unchained Make Their Way To The Web

Single Pages Of The Master, The Avengers And Django Unchained Make Their Way To The Web

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A page from Joss Whedon‘s screenplay for The Avengers; another from Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master; and the cover of Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained. All three have appeared in the blogosphere in some way or another, in this last week.

In the case of Django Unchained, it was a scan of the script’s handwritten cover that broke news of the film’s title, genre, and after a hop, skip and a jump, several other details.

I’ve read the full script now, incidentally. I enjoyed it. It’s going to be a very good film.

Meanwhile, a copy of the script for The Avengers (with the hilarious alias Group Hug) was being fenced, and one page was photographed as evidence that the anonymous seller actually had the goods.

As far as I can tell, nobody bought the script but Obsessed with Film ran the photo on their site and haven’t had so much as a slap on the wrist. I’ll take that as leading bye example.

Clark Gregg, the actor who plays SHIELD agent Phil Coulson, made reference to the script theft on Twitter:

Would not want to be the Avengers script thief. #SHIELDTeam6

Not that he’s calling this incident a theft.

And, finally, a page from the hitherto top-secret script for Paul Thomas Anderson’s sort-of-scientology drama The Master was published in tabloid magazine Life & Style, then scanned by Cigarettes and Red Vines. “In this scene from The Master,” say the magazine, “one character is drugged by a cultlike group.”

So, three single pages from different scripts have bubbled up online in less than a week. That’s officially a trend. Superstition dictates that we shouldn’t expect anything beyond the perfect triumvirate, but I’m not superstitious – who’s next?

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