Rachel Weisz Set To Play Wicked Witch In Sam Raimi's Oz

Rachel Weisz Set To Play Wicked Witch In Sam Raimi’s Oz

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It looks like the Hilary Swank vs. Michelle Williams casting showdown has been resolved… by offering the role to Rachel Weisz.

As I understand it, she’s taking the chief evil witch role of Evanora in Sam Raimi’s prequel picture, Oz The Great and Powerful. Evanora is the older of two sisters, and Mila Kunis is already cast as Theadora, the younger.

Between the two of them, these Witches eventually cause quite a lot of trouble and strife for the newbie Wizard, who is, of course, no Wizard at all, but a snakeoil huckster who knows a few bits of razzle dazzle. He’s being played by James Franco – appropriate?

The Hollywood Reporter say that Weisz is in final negotiations. Still needing to be cast is goodie two shoes Glinda – herein a love interest for the would-be Wizard. Against Weisz and Kunis, I’m thinking they’ll go blonde for this squeaky-clean heroine.

So who is Hollywood hot property, blonde, and James Franco’s age or a bit younger?

And don’t say Alex Pettyfer.

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