Lying In The Gutters - 2nd May 2011

Lying In The Gutters – 2nd May 2011

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Remember American Power, the CrossGen comic that never was? The first scripts are still available from Chuck Dixon if you make a donation to Books For Soldiers. Details are here.

Oh and this tweet from Graham Crackers caught my eye – “Speculators snatched up all my Obama vs Bin Laden Savage Dragon comics this morning… nicely played…”

Been a strange week. From royal wedding to Superman’s citizenship to Captain America’s outrage to Josh Hoopes to Osama Bin Laden. I won’t forget this one.

Top Ten Most Popular Stories Of The Week

1. Scam Artist Josh Hoopes Is Back

2. Action Comics #900 Is A Fox News Story Waiting To Happen (And it did)

3. Comics Creators React To Action Comics Reaction

4. The Professional Swipe Artists Of Comics

5. Post-Credits Scene From Thor Leaks Out

6. Fox News Notices Superman’s Lack Of Americanness

7. Misfits Season 3 Won’t Feature Robert Sheehan

8. This Is What Happened When Americans Didn’t Get Thor First

9. Captain America Vs Bradley Manning, Julian Assange And Wikileaks

10. The World Reacts To Superman Without America

11. Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Day Of The Moon

12. A Justice League Of The Future Is Coming

13. Batporn

14. Tronporn

15. Has Bill Marray Finally Committed To Ghostbusters 3?

16. X-Men First Class Exclusive Trailer

17. So I’ve Just Been Talking To The Washington Times For Half An Hour

18. Barnes & Noble To Become “THE Destination For Comic Lovers”

19. Francis Manapul On Leaving Flash… In A Flash

20. Greg Capullo’s First Batman & Robin Pencils

Top Ten Stories You May Have Missed

1. Tarantino’s New Film Is Not Just A Western, It’s A Django Movie, And Details Are Being Revealed

2. From Batgirl To Zatanna: Fred Hembeck Draws The DC Female Universe

3. First Trailer For New War Of The Worlds Showcases Stop Motion FX

4. First Walking Dead Novel To Feature The Governor

5. Soderbergh And Channing Tatum Slip Stripper Pic Into Their Schedule

6. Mike Huckabee Discusses Superman’s Citizenship

7. First Trailer For Takashi Miike’s Hara-Kiri

8. Mark Stafford’s Realism In Comics

9. Milos Forman To Direct Period Con Drama, Ponzi’s Scheme

10. Never Mind The Bollocks – An Etymology Of A Swear Word

And special thank yous to Joel Ronson, Adi Tantimedh, Dennis O’Neil, Aaron and Mike, Andrew Goletz, Tom Smith, Greg Baldino, Geek Girl, Phill Hall, Dirk Manning and… Mike Cotton.

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